Welcome to Tru-Breathe®

You’re probably on this site because you need to stop that sleep-disrupting, health-endangering, all-too-common problem of snoring. And that’s exactly how Tru-Breathe came to be. One person in search of a solution. Ray Snyder, Tru-Breathe inventor and CEO, snored. A lot.

The Problem: Snoring

A world traveler, Ray tried all types of remedies - from countless, painful nose strips to nasal mists and pharmaceuticals. Frustrated, he said to his doctor, “Someone should invent something that simply lets you breathe better at night but that you don’t have to keep buying again and again.” “If someone did, they’d make a lot of people happy,” replied Ray’s doctor. Then and there, Ray decided he would be that someone.

Ray knew snoring started with interrupted air intake. Many of us breathe through our mouths when we are sleeping—an inefficient and unhealthy way to get air. We were meant to breathe through our noses. The human body was designed to nose breathe, not to mouth breathe.

The Solution: Tru-Breathe® Nasal Dilator

Ray made a list of what he wanted from his own invention:

  1. Simple—One easily placed sterling silver nasal dilator.

  2. Compact—Very portable no matter where and how you’re traveling.

  3. Effective—lets you take in more oxygen.

  4. Natural—no drugs or chemicals.

  5. Versatile—can be worn during the day or night.

  6. Economical—a one-time, affordable investment.

  7. Environmentally-friendly—no daily contributions to landfills.

Ray drew up his plans, worked with an experienced fine jeweler
and created the Tru-Breathe nasal dilator.

The Success: Enhanced Quality of Life

Once created, Ray began to test it himself. Sleeping at home. Fly fishing in the Amazon. Skiing in Vail. It worked. He slept better, had more energy and felt great. He said to his wife, “I’m sleeping through the night, I’m not waking you up and I feel better than I ever have. What else can go right?™"

After tests and refinements, Tru-Breathe became available to the consumer in 2016! Choose from the classic silver custom design, rose gold or gold finish and add embellishments. The Tru-Breathe system is made in the U.S.A. Discover the difference Tru-Breathe can make in your quality of life by ordering now and receive a Tru-Breathe system in a jewelry box with a free sleep mask.