Oxygen Boosts Energy Naturally

Whether you’re an athlete, a high-altitude resident or simply an active person, the Tru-Breathe Nasal Dilator can increase your energy level. Energy level problems can be attributed to interrupted airflow. When your body is depleted of some of its oxygen, power output drops and fatigue sets in. During exercise, your muscles have to work harder, which increases their demand for oxygen. To pull more oxygen into the bloodstream, your breathing and heart rate increase. The True-Breathe Nasal Dilator allows an increase in airflow through your nasal passages, which means a healthier level of oxygen during activities.

Sport Energy Design

Tru-Breathe's design and engineering teams have gone to extraordinary lengths to ensure that air flows smoothly through the Tru-Breathe Nasal Dilator, which increases oxygen intake. Each customized device's angled design routes air through your nostril's air passages uninterrupted.

Inspired by an Endurance Athlete

The Tru-Breathe Nasal Dilator can be worn during no-impact activities to enhance your oxygen intake. Studies have shown the more oxygen you have in your body during and after exercise, the better you perform and the faster you recover.

High-Altitude Performance

When you visit or live in a high altitude, your body acclimates to cope better with the lack of oxygen. If you don’t acclimate properly, you can experience altitude sickness or more serious side effects. Wearing the Tru-Breathe Nasal Dilator can help you take in more oxygen to combat altitude sickness.