About the Tru-Breathe® Nasal Dilator for Day and Night

Tru-Breathe is a safe, comfortable, effective, patented sterling silver nasal dilating system. Patented jewel enhancements available for an additional cost.
Each hand-crafted device is made of silver sterling (.925 purity quality).
Tru-Breathe is hand-crafted in the United States by expert jewelers.
The Tru-Breathe Nasal Dilator opens nasal passages, so you can breathe better. The sterling silver device is designed to slip comfortably into each nostril and gently keep nasal passages open; which could result in up to 50% more air flow. Humans are meant to be nose breathers. Tru-Breathe helps restore the most effective manner of air intake—through your nose.
No. Simple as that. One-time purchase—no extra paraphernalia or weekly trips to the store for supplies.
No. It is not a medical device. It is patented and classified as jewelry.
No. However, because it is classified as jewelry, it may be covered under your home insurance policy if lost or stolen.
Under proper care and use, your Tru-Breathe nasal dilator can quite literally last a lifetime.
Our patented manufacturing process uses an hypoallergenic, non-toxic material that keeps the silver from tarnishing. The silver itself is non-toxic to the human body. Any further cleaning can be done with a toothbrush, soap and water. A cold alcohol wash can also be effective.
The Tru-Breathe Nasal Dilator is designed for no-impact activity and can be worn all day. We do not recommend wearing the Tru-Breathe device during any impact athletic activities.
With Tru-Breathe’s innovative design, you can comfortably wear the Nasal Dilator every day.
Every Tru-Breathe user is unique so results will vary. But generally, people wearing Tru-Breathe at night will experience less snoring and therefore a more restful sleep. When wearing it during the daytime, users report increased energy levels and greater endurance for non-impact activities (walking, running, hiking, jogging, biking, etc…) and possibly with less immediate dehydration.

Wearing Tru-Breathe in high altitudes may prevent altitude sickness and may also positively impact blood pressure levels. Note: a medical study from Colorado State found that, at high altitudes, there may be a loss of up to 50% oxygen from sea-level which can, over time, adversely affect blood pressure levels.

Sizing and Options

It’s really quite easy, even if a bit unorthodox. Simply wash your hands then place your index finger in your nostril. If it easily but snugly fits inside your nostril, then you can measure the circumference of your index finger above the first joint. Use a flexible measuring tape (with centimeters) and wrap around your index finger. We’ve found, with very few exceptions, customers will measure between 4 to 6 centimeters. Select your size at checkout. Here is a video.
Yes. Because the Tru-Breathe systems can be worn for long period of times, customers enjoy adding a little “bling” and customize their Tru-Breathe to reflect their personal style. Patented enhancements are quoted separately.
If it is too tight "slightly close it up" if it is too loose "slightly open it up." This can be gently bent.


We love to hear from our customers and Tru-Breathe fans. Our contact information is: email: info@tru-breathe.com toll-free phone: 1-844-SNYDER9 (1-844-769-3379). mailing address: Tru-Breathe 7450 W. 130th Street - Suite 230 Overland Park, KS 66213


The Tru-Breathe Nasal Dilator system is $179.95 each (shipping included for the continental United States), one customized nasal dilating device is included. You can enhance Tru-Breathe with precious or semi-precious stones. Additional charges are shown at check-out.
We’ve made it easy for you. Simply order online here. We accept all major credit cards.
Yes, if you order two or more Tru-Breathe Systems you will be given a 5% discount. Discount will be applied at check-out.
We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and most major credit cards.
Tru-Breathe is a wonderful gift for someone. Follow the easy checkout instructions.
Overland Park, Kansas
Yes. International shipping fees will be applied at time of check out.
Tru-Breathe offers $8.00 flate rate shipping & handling on all orders in the US, except Hawaii $10.00. Any international shipping charges will apply. Special handling and shipping requests will be paid by the customer. Items will be shipped by UPS and you will be sent a tracking number once it is shipped.
Your Tru-Breathe Nasal Dilator System includes a nasal dilating device and will arrive in a compact, beautiful jewelry bag. Plus, as a free gift to you, a comfortable sleep mask to wear over your eyes at night is also included.
No worries. Tru-Breathe will adjust or repair at no cost to you if you cannot adjust it to fit yourself. You would only pay for shipping and handling when you send the Tru-Breathe nasal dilating system back to us.
Simply return to us. You will pay for the postage when you send it to us—we’ll take care of return postage when it comes back to you.